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Our presentations include:

Planet Earth: Diversity of Habitats and Wildlife

Wildlife and Ecology of East and Southern Africa

Tropical Rain Forests and Tropical Biodiversity

The Biology of Symbiosis: from Mutualisms to Pathogenicity

Behaviorial Ecology: Evolution of Behavior

Evolution of Sexuality

From Genes to Genocide: Putting Biology Into Behavior

Our images are marketed by Photo Researchers, Inc. The Nature Editor of Photo Researchers, John Kaprielian, is knowledgeable in biology and natural history, and knows our images by heart. He can be reached at (800) 833-9033, (212) 758-3420, and by e-mail.

Prints of many of our images are sold at the Afterimage Gallery in Dallas (see Links).

We would enjoy hearing from you and knowing your impressions about these web pages.