Photo Researchers, Inc. -- a stock photo agency with personalized service, which markets all of our images. John Kaprielian has been Nature Editor for over 15 years and knows natural history images like no one else. Science Editor Steve Gerard markets images more specific to scientific subjects, although there is considerable overlap.

The Jane Goodall Institute -- a dynamic organization that expands Jane's influence to encompass worldwide dedication to conservation, environmental education, and appreciation of "the power of individuals to take informed and compassionate action to improve the environment of all living things." We have known Jane as a close friend since we first met her in Tanzania in 1983. She has no peer in her power to inspire and rally people of all ages to the cause of saving life and habitat on Planet Earth. She wrote a moving Foreword to our book, AnimalWatch: Behavior, Biology, and Beauty (Abrams, 1996).

The Afterimage Gallery -- a photographic gallery in Dallas which markets the finest photographs from all over the world. Ben Breard, the owner, created this landmark gallery over 30 years ago.One print of ours which he sells regularly is the black-and-white panorama of Burchell's zebra on the Serengeti Plain, on page 6 of the Africa section of this web site.

The Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS) -- a non-profit consortium that has grown to include 64 universities and research institutions from the United States, Latin America and Australia.The 3 OTS field stations in Costa Rica are havens for researchers in tropical biology from around the world. We have made over a dozen trips to these stations, which include La Selva in the lowland rain forest, Las Cruces (Wilson Botanical Garden) in the highlands, and Palo Verde in the dry forest. We provide images free to researchers and to the OTS in exchange for the privilege of learning about their research and recording it on film.

Gulf Coast Bird Observatory (GCBO) -- headed by ornithologist and Executive Director Cecilia M. Riley, this dedicated organization on the Texas coast seeks to protect migratory birds along all the entire Gulf Coast, including the Yucatan and Cuba. The GCBO strives to acquire and disseminate reliable data on migratory bird populations, and to monitor and protect their habitat.

Nature's Images, Inc. -- a local company with a slide library of over 20,000 images of invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and plants from the neotropics to the deserts of North America. Owned by two biologist friends of ours who are superb photographers and teachers, David Roberts and David Schleser, this enterprise is on an exponential curve of recognition and success.

Medical City Dallas Library -- for health care professionals and students of the life sciences, there is no finer scholastic resource than Miriam Muallem, librarian at this library. Her skills in electronic and traditional library science have been of repeated value to us in our teaching of biology, medicine, and the behavioral sciences.